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When it comes to moving home, it can feel like that there is an endless list of tasks to take care of. Moving home is one of the most stressful activities a person will do in their life, so it makes sense to be as prepared and as organised as you can. Our helpful checklist will hopefully help you make the process a lot smoother and enjoyable.

Eight weeks before you move home

• If you need to arrange time off for the moving day, arrange this as early as possible

• This is the time to review schooling options and to make sure your kids are catered for

• Arrange to have boxes and packaging material to start the packing process

• Look at your belongings and if there are items you don’t need, dispose of them

• Search removal options, obtain quotes from firms and confirm your plans for the moving process

• Review your home insurance policies, make sure it covers you for the move and consider if you need to change plans for your new property

Four weeks before you move home

• Look at utility providers and see if there is a better option for you when you move home

• Look at your broadband, TV and phone options for your new home and see if there is a better process

• Carry on with the packing process making care to list and label boxes as you go on

One to two weeks before you move home

• Once the majority of packing has been concluded, start to clean your home

• Set aside things that will make the moving day easier

• Begin to contact all local authorities and organisations about your move and give them your new address

• If you get papers or milk delivered, cancel this or have your details changed

• Contact Royal Mail and get a mail redirection service put in place

• People who have pets or children should make arrangements for them to be taken care of on moving day

The day before the move takes place

• Clean the home as best as you can

• Ensure the fridge is defrosted

• Make sure you have food, drink and essential items for the moving day put aside

• Ensure everyone has directions to your home and your new home

On the day that you move

• Take readings of all meters at your home

• Once your home is empty, review it and make sure everything is closed and turned off where applicable

• Ensure you hand over the keys to your old home and make sure you have the keys to your new home

When you get into your new property

• Undertake a quick clean

• Unpack the essential items such as toiletries and towelling

• Make sure you offer refreshment to people who helped you and pay professionals

Once you are settled into your new home

• Get unpacked and get used to the new home and local area

• Ensure that all of your details have been updated

• If you need to register with a new dentist or doctor, take care of this

You will find that moving home is a difficult and stressful situation but following this checklist will help you take control of the process.

While there are many different investment opportunities to choose from, it is fair to say that for many people, property is the perfect investment. There will always be individuals who name a particular investment opportunity as being best for them but for the vast majority of people, property is the smartest investment, and this is the case for many reasons.

People like the tangible nature of property

A key reason why property is the perfect investment is down to the fact that you can see and touch property. It sounds very simple but knowing that property is a tangible asset and something that is very real makes it a lot more appealing to many investors.

People understand the concept of the property market

While stocks and shares provide a good return for many people, it isn’t something that most people naturally understand. It doesn’t take long to develop an understanding of the stock market and to evaluate whether a company represents a sound investment but it does take time, research and study.

From an early age, people know the benefits of having a home. As we grow up, we see that investing in a property is a natural step in life and there is a lot of support and information surrounding this action. It is always best to invest in a manner that you know or understand and when it comes to the property market, people understand why homes are important and can offer a return.

It is possible to improve on or safeguard your investment

A great reason to invest in the property market comes with the fact that you can increase the value of your property. If you invest in shares, all you can do is sit back and see what happens. You can take control of the situation by deciding to sell or buy more shares but this is reacting to information or trying to be proactive about your property. This isn’t taking steps to improve the value of shares, which is why there is a big difference between shares and the property market.

Investing in a new kitchen or adding a conservatory to your home doesn’t just make it a nicer place to live, it can improve the value of the property. This means you can guarantee yourself a better return in the long term.

Property can provide short and long term returns

Some investors buy property and let it out, giving them monthly rental income. This means that property can provide a fantastic short term return. However, some investors prefer to look at the longer term benefits and returns on offer. As long as you maintain the property in good condition, there is a great chance that due to market values, you will receive a larger sum of money than the one you paid out.

Property can offer an emotional return too

As well as the financial return on offer from property investment, buying a home can see people or families benefit in an emotional manner. Homes are central to life and so many fantastic memories are created in a home, it is easy to see why people think of the money as being well spent.

These reasons all play a part in making property a fantastic investment.